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Hi! I'm Stijn. 

Born in Haarlem, the Netherlands, in 16-06-1974,

I majored in fine arts at the Royal Academy for visual arts in the Hague, and subsequently studied animation at the Utrecht school of the arts, gaining a Masters degree in Image and Media Technology. 

I was co-founder of Lemonade Animation in 2001.

At Lemonade, we did short animated films, music videos, tvc's, corporate film, and everything else that needs some 3D animation.

I am co-director of 5 short animated films and director of 1 short animated film.

My independently created short movie “Jacobs Lament” played at the Interfilm Festival in Berlin, the Dutch Film Festival, The KLIK! Animation festival, the Festival International des Très Courts, the Dutch animation competition at the Holland Animation Film Festival, the  Melbourne International Animation Festival,and the Australian International Film Festival.

I  now specialise in visual development for animation and film.

I live in Castricum with my wife, my 2 kids and 2 cats. I love to draw, to kitesurf, to read and to meditate.


Contact information:

Stijn Windig

Louise de Colignystraat 28

1901 TN 


the Netherlands.


T: 0031 (0) 641512734

-Available for freelance, contract and fulltime.